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Modem Wavecom CDMA M1306B Q2438F USB

Modem Wavecom CDMA M1306B Q2438F USB
Tanggal : 17 April 2012
Kategori : Modem Wavecom
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dropship Modem Wavecom CDMA M1306B Q2438F USB

modem wavecom m1306b usb cdma q2438F11 300x197 Modem Wavecom CDMA M1306B Q2438F USB

Wavecom sebagai produsen wireless module ternama asal perancis (walau sekarang sudah berganti pemilik dan nama menjadi Sierra Wireless), banyak membuat modul wireless untuk GSM dan juga CDMA.

Saat ini kita akan mengulas singkat perbedaan antara module buatan Wavecom untuk CDMA. Disini hanya 2 tipe module CDMA Wavecom yang akan dibahas, yaitu Q2358C dan Q2438F (Wismo™ Quik CDMA).

Modem Wavecom 1306B / Q2438F CDMA dapat digunakan untuk peralatan server pulsa (biasanya untuk dial Fkios).

Modem Wavecom 1306B / Q2438F CDMA tidak panas meskipun dinyalakan 24 jam non stop, sangat stabil.

Modem Wavecom 1306B / Q2438F CDMA memiliki signal yang lebih bagus dibandingkan dengan handphone karena terdapat antena tersendiri.
Modem Singleband menggunakan baudrate 115200, anda harus memastikan SOFTWARE PULSA anda support dengan penggunaan chipset DualBand (Q2438F).

Spesifikasi Teknis module WismoQ 2438F:

  • ? CDMA2000 1XRTT (IS-2000) – (Dual Band)
  • Band class 0 (TX: 824 ~ 849 MHz/ RX: 869 ~ 894 MHz)
  • Band class 1 (TX: 1850 ~ 1910 MHz/ RX: 1930 ~ 1990 MHz)
  • Data rates up to 153 kbps forward and reverse
  • Operating Voltage: 3.8 V to 4.2 V (3.7 nominal)
  • Output Power: 0.63W AMPS; 0.35W CDMA
  • Current consumption:
  • 4 mA (in Sleep Mode),
  • Up to 670 mA (PCS Rx/Tx full Power)
  • Differential Audio
  • 1 ringer / buzzer output
  • 2 Analog audio (microphone + speaker)
  • PCM Audio Interface
  • USB (population option); external transceiver required
  • Up to 2 serial UARTS
  • USB (external transceiver required)
  • 3V with R-UIM detection (5V with external level shifter)
  • Power supply
  • Keypad (5×5 matrix)
  • ADC
  • 31 GPIO
  • IS-95A/B: CDMA Protocol
  • IS-637: Short Message Service (Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated)
  • IS-707- A. 4: Async data service
  • IS-707- A. 5: Packet Data Service
  • J-STD-008: PCS protocol
  • IS-96A: Voice signal coding
  • IS-99: Circuit-switched data, Fax
  • IS-657: Packet Data
  • IS-733 and IS-127: TTY/TTD
  • Class II G3 FAX
  • gpsOne position location capabilities
  • AMPS (Analog) voice
  • RUIM (for Asia Pacific Counties – see R-UIM Interface)
  • IOTA
  • Multiplexing of Voice and Data (AT command set)
  • Carrier Support Software
  • Provisioning for Carrier Requirements
  • USB 2.0
  • BREW 2.1
  • Cellemetry
  • DMSS SSL encryption
  • Dimensions: 58.4 x 32.8 x 3.9 mm (Including shielding)
  • Weight: 11.6 grams
  • 60 pin System Connector
  • Coaxial RF Connector (Coax Cable to application not included)
  • RF Shielding
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C Maximum Rating
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
  • RoHs Compliance (Hardware Version 6 and Higher)

juga mendukung frekuensi sbb:

  • CDMA Band Class 0 (Cellular 800MHz Band)
  • CDMA Band Class 1 (PCS 1900 MHz Band)
  • AMPS (Cellular 800MHz Band)
  • Qualcomm gpsOne (L1 1575.42MHz Band)

Atas Dukungan terhadap Qualcomm MSM6050 maka CDMA Q2438F juga meliputi fitur:

  • ? Embedded QDSP2000 digital signal processor core, providing hardware support for features such as voice recognition, voice memo, speech compression, acoustic echo cancellation, audio automatic gain control (additional Software licensing is required)
  • 4Mbytes of Flash (900kbytes available for customer applications)
  • 2Mbytes of Pseudo SRAM (200kbytes available for customer applications)
  • Voice mode V1 (EVRC, 13k QCELP)
  • ARM7TDMI embedded microprocessor subsystem
  • General-Purpose Interface Bus
  • Battery Management
  • Charge Control
  • Ringer driver
  • USB support (population and Software option)
  • Keypad (Software option)
  • R-UIM

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